Advancing the science of convenient allergy treatments

About Our Founder

Our founder, Dr. Amber Patterson, MD, is the leading intralymphatic immunotherapy (ILIT™) expert in the United States. Through her work in developing effective immunotherapy protocols for both children and adults, she was the first in the world to perform intralymphatic immunotherapy in pediatric patients.

Ground-breaking research on the effectiveness and safety of ILIT™ has been published in peer-review medical journals.

Allergy Immunotherapy with Dr. Amber Patterson

A passion for creating systems for identifying the root of immune dysfunction (allergy) or deficiency (low immune function), and then co-developing a plan for healing and empowerment are the driving forces behind her work.

About the history and future of our company

Our parent company Allergy Unlimited was founded in 2020 by an Allergy/Immunology physician who understands that people with allergies want access to convenient treatment options that are safe and effective. Dr. Amber Patterson’s early work in developing the first US clinical trial for ILIT™ and the first pediatric ILIT™ study worldwide was the scientific foundation for our company. Rooted in science, driven by patient needs, Allergy Unlimited is pioneering the concept of meeting patients where they are and giving them treatment choices to fit their lifestyle.

Training other physicians on our innovative treatment methods is a key part of our business model to bring access to ILIT™ nationwide. Together we are shifting the paradigm of how Allergists treat allergies. In 2022 our clinical and training/licensing divisions began doing business as Auni Allergy, and our first licensee Shepherd Allergy in West Virginia joined our family. 2023 brings expansion to nationwide access to Auni ILIT™ Certified Allergists, full-service Auni Allergy allergy/immunology clinics in Northwest Ohio, and Auni Medical, a remote sonography assist service. Research and development of our patented food allergy treatments will revolutionize the future for families living with food allergy.

If you are an allergist/immunologist interested in learning our ILIT™ technique and licensing model, please schedule an introductory call today.

We are building a network of allergists to help strengthen our community and offer the best possible service imaginable.

What Auni Is To Patients

Auni Allergy is an allergy/immunology practice that offers a comprehensive approach to allergy care. We use state-of-the-art testing methods to identify the root of allergy problems and offer personalized treatment tailored to individual needs. Our proprietary ILIT™ allergen treatment fixes allergies in as little as 3 visits, making us the go-to allergy practice in northwest Ohio and at our partner practices across the country.

At Auni, we understand that allergies can significantly impact your quality of life, and our mission is to help patients experience the freedom that comes with being allergy-free. We want our patients to enjoy the big outdoors, breathe deeply, and spend less time in a doctor’s office. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Learn how easy allergy relief can be with our cutting-edge treatment options.

What Auni is to Allergists

Becoming an Auni ILIT™ Certified licensee with Auni Allergy means you have access to a leadership team with vast amounts of experience. From the moment you sign on, you are immersed in an executive support program that encompasses training to help you successfully implement ILIT™ into your existing practice. Together, our network of allergists will help move the science of ILIT™ forward, staying at forefront of allergy treatment.

If you are an Allergist/Immunologist interested in learning our ILIT™ technique and licensing our model.