The Most Effective Allergy Treatments Start with the Best Testing Experiences

Start by booking a consultation with one of our allergists. 

What causes my allergies?

At Auni Allergy we aim to find the root of your problem to help you breathe easier, itch less, and live healthy. We are proud to offer a variety of first-in-class allergy, asthma, and basic immune deficiency tests.

Testing options include:

  • Skin testing to environmental, food, drug, and venom (bee) allergens
  • Patch testing to chemical allergens
  • Pulmonary function testing
  • Oral challenge to food or drug
  • Laboratory testing recommendations

Our allergists take their time to get to know you and your goals as a part of developing a personalized treatment experience.

Our Treatment Experiences

Convenient allergy immunotherapy options curated for your active lifestyle.

Biologic medication injections and traditional allergy shot services with rapid and cluster build-ups are also available.


ILIT “Lymph node injections”
Full treatment is only 3 shots.
Administered in our medical office.

Sublingual and Oral

SLIT “Under-the-tongue drops” or Oral “Swallowed”
Take every day.
Administered at home.

Our Treatment Experiences

Intralymphatic Immunotherapy

Intralymphatic immunotherapy (ILIT™) is a ground-breaking method of administering allergens directly to a lymph node. The injection procedure is performed in a comfortable outpatient setting under ultrasound guidance. This treatment experience includes three visits to an Auni Allergy location, each visit lasting less than one hour each. Research has shown ILIT™ injections to be similar in effectiveness to traditional immunotherapy and virtually painless. Most patients begin noticing improvement in their symptoms within a few months of completing the treatment experience. Advantages compared to traditional allergy shots include short treatment duration and enhanced safety.

Sublingual Immunotherapy

Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) is an active treatment for food and aeroallergens that is done at home or on-the-go. SLIT involves placing allergen drops under the tongue every day. Updoses are administered in our office. The remainder of the treatment experience is done in the comfort of your home. Symptom improvement is gradual over the course of your treatment.

Oral Immunotherapy

Oral immunotherapy (OIT) is another active treatment for food allergy. Allergenic foods are introduced in gradually increasing amounts to allow the body to get used to the food. The goal of this treatment experience varies for each patient. Many patients who undergo oral immunotherapy are eventually able to tolerate a full serving of their food allergen. Others aim for being “bite safe,” the ability to tolerate enough of the food to recognize its accidental presence in a food. Expect weekly to every other week visits for at least the first 6 months of this treatment.

Subcutaneous Immunotherapy

Traditional subcutaneous allergy shots (SCIT) are used to treat aeroallergens and bee sting allergies by injecting small amounts of the allergens under the skin of the arm. Starting with a small amount of the allergen and gradually increasing the amount with each weekly injection, your body gets used to the allergen over time. Eventually symptoms improve and most people are able to discontinue allergy medication and the shots after about 3-5 years. Auni Allergy offers rapid build-up options to get you to monthly injections within a week (rush build-up) or 10 weeks (cluster build-up).


For Asthma, Hives, Nasal Polyps, and Eczema

Biologics are injectable medications that target specific molecules in our body to reduce inflammation that drives severe asthma, hives, nasal polyps, and eczema. A biologic can often provide relief when nothing else works to reduce steroid / antibiotic use and hospitalizations. Injections are administered in our office every 2-4 weeks.

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