Recurrent Infections

What causes my recurring infections?

Sinus and ear infections, bronchitis, or pneumonia that recur and require serial courses of antibiotics or steroids can be frustrating and exhausting. People who experience frequent infections often describe missing school and work, or feeling like they are missing out on life because of feeling sick and tired all the time. They get sick more easily than others and take longer than others to get over illnesses. Sometimes frequent or severe infections are caused by a low immune system, called immune deficiency. Low immune system can happen by genetic predisposition or from exposure to something that is known to lower immune function like certain chemotherapy or long-term steroid use. If your body is not making enough cells or proteins to fight off infection, the immune system is not working at its full potential. Other times what seems like an infection is really something else, like when recurrent bronchitis turns out to be asthma, or when recurrent sinus infections are triggered by allergies.  

How do we evaluate your recurrent infections?

Determining the cause of infection symptoms can help with identifying ways to treat and prevent illness. Gathering a detailed history is essential. Work-up can include blood work to test for first-line immune cell numbers and function, allergy skin testing, and pulmonary function testing. Sometimes a second round of testing or immunization boosters are needed to further clarify abnormal results. Test results can help determine a diagnosis and effective treatment for getting your health back on track.

Auni Allergy Treatment Experiences

Allergen Immunotherapy

If allergies are contributing to your problem, a course of immunotherapy can get to the root of the problem. At Auni Allergy we offer a variety of convenient immunotherapy options to meet your needs.

Medication & Supplements

Routine antibiotics may be recommended for preventing recurrent or severe infections. When a low immune system is identified, immunoglobulin (IgG) infusions can replace the missing parts of your immune system to help you fight off infections naturally. When testing confirms a normal immune system, the Auni Allergy supplement line is designed to bridget the gap in supporting a natural, normal immune response.

If you have 2 or more severe infections in a year, 3 or more respiratory infections (ex. sinusitis, ear infection, bronchitis) in 1 year, or the need for antibiotics for 2 months/year, you have recurrent infections and could benefit from a consultation with an allergist / immunologist.

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