As Allergists, people often ask us for advice on the best HEPA air purifiers for their home. Our first question to them is always, do you need one? When considering indoor air quality, it is helpful to start with ensuring a high quality furnace filter is in place. For most people, a good furnace filter that is regularly replaced and properly cared for can provide acceptable air quality.

For people with allergies to their pets,

like dogs and cats, additional air purification can be beneficial. Focus on the rooms where you and your pet spend the most time together, like the bedroom and living room.

Home renovation projects can turn up a lot of dust and debris.

During home reno, consider adding a few HEPA air purifiers to main living areas and bedrooms. This can help keep the space livable and breathable during your project.

A HEPA air purifier is a portable air purifier containing a high efficiency particulate air [filter] (HEPA).

These devices can be plugged into a regular home electrical outlet and can be moved from room to room if purchasing one for each room is not in the budget. Remember that similar to a furnace filter, HEPA air purifiers require regular care and maintenance to ensure the filter can continue to clean the air.

Choose a purifier that is powerful enough for the size of the room. Room square footage is often listed on the air purifier packaging. With all of the available air purifiers on the market, it helps to do a little research before investing in one.

Below is a list of some of the top rated HEPA air purifiers on the market.

Rabbit Air

Rabbit Air purifiers offer excellent filtration. They are unique in that they can be mounted on the wall to reduce clutter in small spaces. The front panel can be replaced with popular art panels to take the look from boring to bold.


Whirlpool HEPA air purifiers offer strong filtration. They come from a trusted brand at an affordable price.


When medical grade filtration is what you need, Oransi has you covered. Their medical grade filters are designed to remove 99.6% of virus sized particles and airborne particulates.

Blueair purifiers have a broad range of device sizes and prices. They use a combination of HEPA filtration, the gold standard in particle filtration, along with highly absorbent carbon to remove airborne allergens, odors, and chemicals.


When carpool lane is where you’re at, Purafil has got your back. Purafil’s PurWard HEPA filter captures 99.97% of allergens and other irritants as small as 0.3 microns. Their mini-air scrubbers are designed for small spaces, mount to a vehicle headrest and plug into your vehicle outlet.

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