Gift-giving can be challenging. Coming up with creative ideas or finding the right gift is an art. Buying gifts for your favorite people with allergies can be even more difficult. Allergies may cause them to avoid certain products or activities, or they might choose specific products or services they know are safe for their needs. These needs may change based on the season or region. Considering your allergic loved one’s allergies before purchasing a gift for them is a thoughtful way to ensure you are keeping their safety and comfort in mind. To get your creative juices flowing, here are our top 10 best gifts for adults with allergies.

10. Gifts for their pet

Pets are often a part of the family. People with allergies are no exception. If you are having a hard time thinking of what to get the person who has everything, send them a doggy cam so they can check on their dog from work or a personalized food bowl.

9. Bird feeder and seed

For people who cannot have indoor pets, bring the beauty of nature to their window. Supplies to foster an outdoor bird sanctuary can bring excitement for years to come. Consider a heated outdoor bird bath, felt bird house, or bird feeder with seed.

8. Flowers and Plants

Despite what you might think, many people with allergies, including pollen allergies, can tolerate and enjoy fresh cut flowers. Showy, beautiful flowers used in the floral industry are from plants pollinated by insects. Most people are not routinely exposed to the pollen from these plans since their pollen does not blow around in the air. It is moved from plant to plant by the bees or other insects that help pollinate those plants. Therefore, humans tend not to develop allergy to those plants. Plants and trees to which humans typically develop allergy are of the anemophilous variety, or those pollinated by wind. If your person has a non-allergic form of rhinitis that is triggered by strong scents, you may want to avoid sending flowers like lilies or roses that tend to be fragrant.

7. Gifts that keep on giving

Small, ordinary actions like shopping for a gift can have extraordinary impact when you shop local to your person or shop at an online retailer that promotes greater good. Buying products local to the person receiving the gift supports their local economy. Some online gift sites donate a portion of their proceeds to charitable causes or thoughtfully source fair trade products. Whether you choose to shop local or online, you can choose with purpose and make double the impact with your purchase.

6. Food or Drink

Gift baskets or “Of the Month” Clubs for food and drink are popular. Pick out a tea sampler or wine basket to delight your person. If food is included in the gift, remember to check for any food allergies before purchasing.

5. Newspaper subscriptions

Looking for a reasonably priced annual subscription gift? Hometown newspapers may be just what you are looking for. Many locations offer a delivered weekend paper for < $100/year. Go retro. Give the gift of staying in the know about local events and happenings, local coupons, and more.

4. Electronics

Fitness and outdoor enthusiasts are always looking for the next best tech device to help their golf game or geo-caching trek. If you look for deals, you may be able to give them an edge on their next outdoor adventure.

3. Allergy-proof home goods

Bedding and HEPA air purifiers are a big hit with people with allergies. Pillow and mattress encasements or covers (completely encasing pillow or mattress with zippered closure) are helpful for people with dust mite allergy. Modern bed coverings are made with comfortable material that is tightly woven. They serve as a barrier between the dust mites they are a normal part of bedding environment and the person sleeping in the bed.

Pet lovers who keep furry animals in the home can often benefit from a HEPA air purifier in the bedroom. This helps collect dander in the air and reduce overall allergen exposure for people allergic to their own pets.

These supplies can be found at department stores that sell bedding and small electric devices. Search “allergy bedding” or “allergy covers” for bedding options or “HEPA air purifier.”

2. Gaming

Gaming is fun for kids and adults alike. Give the gift of fun with a new or used video game or membership to a gaming+movie trove (think Netflix for video games+movies).

1. Outdoor gear for adventure travel

Outdoor gear for hiking, skiing, surfing, and more are great gifts for people that love the outdoors, like many people with allergies do. Search outdoor gear sites during off seasons and check the sale section for deals.

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